I am still alive

Apologies for the lack posts/updates recently. I am still alive and will provide an update in the near future. I’ve been busy with my own start-up business so getting time for updates has been really difficult. I haven’t abandoned the app  and will include some requested features next release.


Support & help

Ever since releasing the app I’ve been receiving emails with no subject/content from users to my support email (help@mirsadmakalic.com). Any other Android developers out there having the same issue? I’m not sure how people expect me to help when I receive an email with no content. The worst part of it is the same users then leave one-star feedback because they didn’t get any help from me!

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Merry Christmas & Happy new year!

I am back from my holidays and have just finished responding to all my emails :) The next feature I will add is the generating of playlists when syncing music. This has been asked for by a few people and would be very useful. Look out for an update in a week or 2!


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New update today

I know it has been too long since the last update, sorry about that guys! The new update fixes the syncing frequency issue. In addition, I have added a debug logging option to the app. Once you get the update, you’ll notice an additional setting.

Users having issues with syncing should enable that and take a look (or send it to me please!) at the file “mysync_center.txt” that will be generated on your SDCARD. Please be patient if you are still having issues with files not being transferred. It is quite difficult to find as it is hard to reproduce!


Lack of updates

Apologies for the lack of updates recently. It is the holiday season so I am quite busy at the moment :)

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Update coming

I’ll release a quick update over the next few days to fix the sync time setting issue. It is quite busy around this time of year so the next major update (along with the Mac and Linux apps) will have to come early next year :).

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Update Released (Windows Media Player support added!)

I have released an update to both the PC and Android apps. The update fixes many issues with syncing certain types of files so I urge everybody to update both when they can.

In addition I have added Windows Media Player support for users of the paid application. You’l need .NET 2.0 and Windows Media Player 11 installed.

You can download it from:
Here (“setup_r3.exe”)



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